Dungeon Delving Sound Effects

Creating your own soundscapes for your tabletop gaming is one of the most fun things a budding Overlord can do in preparation for an adventure. You don't need professional level recording studio equipment, just a few simple bits and pieces and a creative mind. Most dungeon exploration games aim to immerse the players in a fictional world full of magic and mystery, and you can help to reinforce that by designing your own sound effects to accompany your game. 

Laptop and Recording Software

Many laptops nowadays come with pre-installed audio recording software that allows you to attach a microphone via USB or an external soundcard and record straight away. If you don't have any software, most companies offer student editions that come with a recording guide and are relatively cheap to purchase. As long as you have enough computing power within your processor and enough RAM you'll be able to make multi-layered tracks that add sonic texture to your adventure. Laptops work well because they are portable and allow you to play each track as and when needed, to symbolise different rooms, locations or points within your game.

As far as effects go, you definitely need to ensure you have a reverb, and perhaps even a chorus with these two effects; along with some EQ you'll be able to replicate the reverberation caused by underground caverns and give the impression of multiple creatures howling using in the distance.


If you invest time in automating the panning of your tracks, you'll be able to include stereo or even surround sound effects within your mix. Because the audio accompaniment isn't the focal point of the evening, you can make do with a cheaper speaker setup. Try mixing with the speakers you're going to use and set them up as you intend to place them. You'll be able to pan certain sounds to individual speakers which should be located in relation to the gaming board and events.

Creating Effects: Wind

Creating the effects is easy enough using your voice, a few effects and a microphone. Your laptop mic may be fine, however a USB vocal mic will be better for capturing higher quality sounds with a stronger input signal.

 Making wind effects is straightforward and requires you to gently blow across the microphone without causing it to clip, which is where the signal is too strong and distorts. Once you have the audio you can add reverb and chorus whilst doubling up the track with recordings of different pitches, then automate the volume and panning to make it more dynamic.

For more information, contact a business such as Fordtronic Video & Sound Pty Ltd.

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Creating your own soundscapes for your tabletop gaming is one of the most fun things a budding Overlord can do in preparation for an adventure. You do

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