How to care for your speakers

A lot of people use speakers in their home to listen to music or to get better sound on their TV. Linn speakers can stay functional for a rather long time if cared for properly, and malfunctions are often caused by how they're handled and stored. In order to make sure your speakers stay functional for as long as possible, while still offering you the best sound quality, there are a few things you should think about in terms of speaker care.


Heat is a common cause for speaker malfunctions. These pieces of technological equipment are sensitive to excessive heat, as it can melt or distort vital plastic parts inside of them. It can also make the speakers overheat even if they are operating normally. Quality speakers usually have a thermal design built into them, but you should still make sure to keep them away from radiators and direct sunlight. It's also possible that the thermal design depends on a ventilation hole. This hole is often located at the bottom of the speaker and should not be covered up. If your speakers have holes like these, you should opt for hanging them on the wall rather than having them standing on top of a pedestal or similar support, as hanging allows the speakers to cool them off.


You also need to keep dust away from the speakers. Dust can decrease the speaker's performance and cause it to use an unnecessary amount of electricity in order to keep running, as the dust might be blocking the circuits. External dust can wear on the surface of the speakers and cause them to break more easily. To prevent these things, you should make sure to clean them regularly. Avoid using fluids to clean them, as this can cause them to malfunction. Use a vacuum cleaner on a low setting for both external and internal use. If it doesn't get all of the dust off, then you might want to consider getting a soft, dry cloth to wipe the speakers off with.


You should also think about where you place your speakers. If the speakers are put on a magnetic surface it's possible that it affects the electro magnet inside the speakers and this might cause them to malfunction. If you want to put them on a metal surface, you should first check with a magnet to make sure it isn't magnetic. If you want to be completely sure that this isn't the case, then you should opt for putting your speakers on a wooden surface.

For more information on Linn speakers, talk to a professional.

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A lot of people use speakers in their home to listen to music or to get better sound on their TV. Linn speakers can stay functional for a rather long