Tips For A Great DIY Wedding Video

The wedding of your dreams can end up costing you a fortune, but you can make savings on your wedding video by going the DIY route and hiring a video camera from your local audio visual store.  Here are some must-know tips to help you produce a wedding video that's truly memorable – for all the right reasons!

Choose the videographer

The first thing you need to do is to designate a friend or friends to be your videographer on the big day.  It's important to stress that this duty is as important as that of the best man so that they feel special rather than just under pressure.  It's a good idea to divide filming duties up amongst a few friends if possible, so that everyone has the chance to enjoy the day, rather than leaving one person responsible for the video camera for the whole occasion.

Hire a good quality video camera and a tripod

Even though your mate's iPhone or tablet can undoubtedly take a video, you want the video to be of the best quality possible, so hire a good video camera.  It's also vital that you have a tripod.  A handheld video tends to be shaky and can leave viewers with a bad case of motion sickness. 

Make sure that everyone who is filming your wedding for you is confident and comfortable using the camera, and organise a few test runs to make sure everyone's happy before your wedding day.

Plan placement carefully

If you've booked a professional photographer for the day, make sure that they communicate with your videographers, so that both parties don't get in each other's way.  If you're getting married in church, remember to ask the vicar where it's acceptable for the videographer to stand during and after the ceremony.

It's also important that your video has good sound.  The best way to ensure that all the audio action is caught is to stand where you can clearly hear what's being said.  This pretty much guarantees that your camera will pick up the audio clearly. 

Edit afterwards

You can edit your wedding video after the event, but on the day, you need to be sure that all the action has been captured.  For example, start recording just before the ceremony starts and keep going until well after it's over.  This means that when you come to edit the video, each scene will fade in and out smoothly, with no jerky audio track.

As long as the recordings of each section of your wedding are complete, editing the video is easy.  Just watch the footage back, and make notes of where you want each scene to begin and end.  Check out some of the video editing software that you can download for free, or ask the shop you hired your video camera from for their advice and recommendations.

In conclusion

You can save money by making your own wedding video.  All you need are a few willing volunteers and a good quality video camera and tripod from your local video camera hire shop. 

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